Human Resources Management Policy

Core Belief

The Company strongly believes that human resources which manage the other resources have infinite potential, and therefore, their development is the key to organizational effectiveness. We commit ourselves to integrate human resources with Organizational growth and development for mutual benefit.


In pursuance of the above philosophy and in order to optimize utilization of human resources in the Company, the Company is committed to the following:

  • To plan and induct appropriate manpower in terms of knowledge, skill and attitude.
  • To provide opportunity for growth to employees, in terms of remuneration, career and skill development and for attracting and retaining talent.
  • To value individual dignity and respect the time and efforts put in by employees.
  • To support innovation and well reasoned risk taking by employees, aimed at growth and development of the Company and employees.
  • Maintain a healthy and harmonious relationship with the Union, employees and their family, built on mutual trust, respect, value system and transparency in dealings with them.
  • Promote “One Union in the Industry “, develop internal leadership for a strong internal union, through training and education.
  • To practice equity and fairness in all its dealings with employees.
  • Not to use child labour and forced labour in any form.
  • To continuously enhance knowledge, skill of employees at all levels for the performance of their present and future tasks better, through education and training and towards building a high performance culture which is globally competitive.
  • To create an organizational climate to have motivated workforce, enhance productivity and quality of life employees and their family.
Human Resources Management Policy:
2.1. Values and Ethos:

The Company subscribes to the following. All employees have to sign the code of conduct at the time of joining WIL. A copy of “Code of Conduct” is enclosed.

  • To achieve and maintain a reasonable level of growth and profitability and to adequately reward the stake holders.
  • To give our customers excellent value for their money through supply of quality products at competitive price, backed by good customer service.
  • To provide opportunity to its employees for growth in terms of remuneration as well as skill endowment and a satisfying working environment.
  • To be proactive in the activities of community around us.
2.2. Values:

Our values will form the basis of our attitudes and behavior.

  • Individually within Wheels India, each of us need to show certain characteristics that will enable us to work together with the Company to achieve excellence. And this calls for striving to be the best. In this endeavor, we are attempting to capture the following four characteristics in everything we do.
  • Humility: Everyone here is working towards having the humility to acknowledge and recognize what that there are things that we do not know. One of the Value Systems that we are continuing to inculcate is that without humility, there can be no true learning.
  • Curiosity: With humility and an acknowledgement of our lack of knowledge is the need for curiosity to learn which results in exploring, investigating and eventually learning. Curiosity calls for us to search our areas for acquiring knowledge in our individual areas of work or expertise. To everyone at Wheels India, Learning and Acquisition of knowledge is the oxygen in our workplace.
  • Integrity: Moral integrity is what makes one sleep well at night and allows us to stand as an example to our children. It is a question of truth. The most important integrity is the 'Integrity of Information' which is a currency that each of us engage with each other here within the Company and outside, with the world at large. Any information exchanged has to have the utmost integrity as it reflects the integrity of the Company.
  • Perseverance: Striving to be the best in our area of work requires one to internalise the deficiencies, with humility, and drive oneself to overcome them through intelligence and hard work. True knowledge is only possible if there is acceptance of failure. You can truly look at reaching levels of knowledge unexplored only if you break new ground. And to break that new ground, you need to challenge conventional thinking at times and through experiments attempt to find the road to excellence. Perseverance sometimes means that there is a time and place for every idea. Especially in our industry, it is about engineering, which by the origins of the word suggests an iterative process or trial and error.
  • These fundamental values are seen everywhere, they are like the air we breathe, the beams of the sun, or the water we drink, one cannot exist without these. These are qualities that everyone at Wheels India tries to imbibe in the common vision to strive for excellence in our work. It is our approach to life.

All employees are expected to conform to the core values and code of conduct in dealing with customers, suppliers, employees, banks, share holders and other stake holders of the Company.

2.3. Code of conduct:
  • Every employee must have pride of workmanship and is expected to contribute conscientiously to the corporate goals and give precedence to Company business and activities over all other considerations.
  • Every employee shall, at all times, maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty and conduct himself, herself in a manner conducive to the best interest of the Company. Avoid soliciting gifts, services, money or honorarium from customers, suppliers, contractors and other employees. Receiving gifts of material value for personal gains has to be avoided.
  • Respect company standing orders, procedures and systems and adhere to them. Maintain discipline, good attendance and punctuality while on duty and in attending meetings & appointments within the Company or with any outsiders. Courtesy demands that if an employee is unable to attend a meeting / appointment or if he / she is delayed for such meetings / appointments for any valid reason, he / she inform the convener of the meeting in advance.
  • Avoid use of Company resources / facilities such as PCs / internet facility, office telephone, vehicles by all employees (including temporary / contract) for personal use. They shall be responsible for maintaining them properly and returning them in a good condition on cessation of employment.
  • Those who have not been provided with an official mobile phone should avoid using it in the factory.
  • Not to link any personal work with official travel and avoid availing leave while on Company duty travel at outstations, unless it is for medical / emergency reasons and control expenditure, by setting a good example to others. Any extravagant and ostentatious expenditure will give a negative impression to others. Control the use of foreign exchange released and promptly surrender the unused foreign currency to the Company on return from overseas duty travel. Limit claims to the extent of actual expenses. Advances taken from the Company for duty travel or any other official purpose should be settled by rendering proper accounts to the Accounts department within 48 hours, failing which, the Management is at liberty to recover the entire advance money immediately by giving proper notice to the employee concerned.
  • Use of alcohol, smoking and chewing of tobacco is strictly prohibited in the factory. Only those employees who are authorized by MD, are authorized to interact with Press / media on matters relating to Company. Approval of MD is required before disclosing matters relating to technology, processes, finance or any other Organizational matters to professional journals and releases, to ensure that such professional activities do not interfere with the Company interests.
  • All employees shall at all times maintain utmost secrecy of all know – how and information relating to the Company’s products and business and all matters connected directly or indirectly thereto. They shall not give anyone orally or otherwise any information, which they acquire during the course of employment about our manufacturing process, technical know – how, security arrangements, administrative or organizational matters whether confidential, secret or otherwise either during the employment with us or up to a minimum of three years after leaving our Company.
  • A copy of “Code of Conduct” is enclosed
2.3.1. Wheels India has adopted the Code of Conduct for Affirmative Action given by Confederation of Indian Industry, which is reproduced below:
  • The Company affirms the recognition that its competitiveness is interlinked with the well being of all sections of the Indian society.
  • The Company believes that equal opportunity in employment for all sections of society is a component of its growth and competitiveness. It further believes that inclusive growth is a component of growth and development of the country.
  • The Company affirms the recognition that diversity to reflect socially disadvantaged sections of the society in the workplace has a positive impact on business.
  • The Company will not practice nor support conscious discrimination in any form.
  • The Company does not bias employment away from applicants belonging to disadvantaged sections of society if such applicants possess competitive skills and job credentials as made public.
  • The Company’s selection of business partners is not based on any considerations other than normal business parameters. In case of equal business offers, the Company will select a business partner belonging to a socially disadvantaged section of society.
  • The Company has / will have a written policy statement on Affirmative Action in the workplace.
  • The Company has / will have an employment policy that is in the public domain. It may place such policies and employment opportunities on its website to encourage applications from socially disadvantaged sections of society.
  • The Company has / will make all efforts for up-skilling and continual training of employees from socially disadvantaged sections of society in order to enhance their capabilities, and competitive skills.
  • The Company has / will have a partnership programme with educational institutions/s to support and aid students from socially disadvantaged sections of society.
  • The Company has / will have a senior executive accountable to the CEO to oversee and promote its Affirmative Action policies and programmes. The senior executive presents / will present a biannual report to the Board of the Company about such policies and programmes.
  • The Company further has a policy to maintain record on Affirmative Action.
  • The Company makes available its learning and experiences as a good corporate citizen in Affirmative Action to other companies desiring to incorporate such policies in their own business.
2.4. Wheels India Policy on HR and Equal Opportunity:
  • The Company believes that human resources which manage the other resources have infinite potential and therefore, their development is the key to Organizational effectiveness. We firmly believe in integrating the HR with the business operations and to contribute significantly towards achieving the business objectives, growth and development of the Organization and employees
  • Wheels India provides equal opportunity to its employees and all qualified applicants for employment, without regard to their religion, race, caste, color, marital status, sex, age etc., and decisions are based solely on merit
  • Employees in Wheels India are treated with dignity and respect an in accordance with the company’s policy to maintain a work environment free from discrimination and abusive behavior, including gender based ones, in any form or manner whatsoever
  • Minimum age for recruitment: Candidates should have completed 18 years of age as on the date of application
  • Wheels India has adopted the Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) Code of Conduct for Affirmative Action. Accordingly, we encourage candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe to apply and provide them equal opportunity either for employment and / or for institutional training as part of their educational curriculum
  • We have, nearly for five decades, consistently maintained a peaceful and harmonious relationship with the trade union and the employees, based on mutual trust & confidence, respect and concern for human values. We nurture leadership with one strong internal trade union
  • We adhere to statues maintain rapport with Government / external Agencies and contribute to maintaining peaceful industrial relations.