Wire Wheel

Wire Wheel

Feature of Wire Wheel

Wire Wheels (For Contemporary, Classic & Vintage Cars, MUV’s & SUV’s)

  • Classic Styling – Built with latest materials and technology, while preserving classic styling
  • Wheels are built to last. Durability is ensured by testing to international standards
  • In-house R & D, to develop wheels to suit specific vehicle applications too
  • Razor edge and Rolled edge rim options
  • High strength Steel spokes and nipples
  • Options exist for high corrosion resistant Stainless Steel components as well as full Stainless Steel wheels
  • Precision machined parts to ensure fitment accuracy
  • Tube and Tubeless type application
  • More finish types to cater to varied customers
Chrome Finish

Chrome over multilayered Nickel plating. The surface finish is enhanced by using latest levelling Brighteners in Nickel plating.

Paint Finish

High Gloss Black / Silver Ash top coat over CED Primer. CED Primer coating is a high corrosion resistant Cathodic Electrophoratic Deposition.

Stainless Steel Natural:

Full Stainless Steel wheels made of high corrosion resistant austenitic Stainless Steel components in natural finish.

Manufacturing capabilities

Having a wide range of manufacturing capabilities:

Razor edge rim
  • In terms of width: 4.0” to 8.0”
  • In terms of diameter: 13.0” to 18.0”
Rolled edge rim
  • In terms of width: 2.5” to 4.0”
  • In terms of diameter: 18.0” to 21.0”

Wide Range in different classification and Styles

ClassicCentre Lock
ContemporaryBolt On
Knock off
Some Classic & Vintage applications

MGs, Triumph, Aston Martin, Jaguars, Morgan, Bentley, Bugatti, Singer, Riley, Austin Healey

Some Indian Modern applications

Honda Accord, Honda City, Toyota Corolla Altis, Volkswagen Beetle, Volkswagen Jetta, Fiat Linea